Keeping the Christmas magic alive.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and as our children grow up its nice to keep the excitement of Father Christmas alive as long as we can.

These beautiful personalised letters from Lapland Letters are just the magic every child will love. With such beautiful detail through out the whole envelope, my children are going to love these. Sadly it will probably be the last year that my eldest believes so i want to make it as special as i can.

Each letter it personalised wonderfully and really is such beautiful high quality. Included with our  letter was a bumper activity pack ( which can be purchased )  this includes the cutest chocolate bar with your child's name on made by Mrs Clause, Some magical reindeer food to sprinkle on your lawn to show them the way, A extremely beautiful Santa map! and some lovely Christmas colouring.

Magical wishing star's where your child writes there Christmas wish and hangs it on the tree. And of course the all important Naughty or Nice chil…

Halloween with bakerdays

So who doesn't like cake? 

I know i love it, and any sort of occasion where cake can be involved well guess what i'm in!

In a little brown box delivered start to your door, yes that is right straight to your door. Inside the cutest little tin sits a personalised cake perfect for any occasion! 

The wonderful team over at bakerdays create these fantastic cakes, head over and have a look. From birthdays to special events there is a cake for everyone. Its so easy to order and create the perfect cake for you or someone you love.

With Halloween being on of my favourite occasions, Bakerdays really did finish our party off with this gruesome looking cake, underneath all the blood and eyeballs sits a fluffy lemon sponge cake, soft and moist.

The detail that has put in to this cake certainly lit up the room, and everyone wanted to dive in a try a slice. 

Bakerdays don't just cater to Halloween as i said any occasion they have your back, and they also create bespoke cakes and balloons!! wi…

My personal Makeup must haves

When it comes to doing make up i am far from being a pro, but i really do enjoy trying new products.

Recently I've found some great products that have literally changed my game plan! 

Since having my daughter 5 years ago my eye brows have just decided to become basically non existent! Which really started to bring me down, seeing so many beautiful brows on other people made me jealous ( stupid you may thing but brows just make your face complete )

So whilst out shopping and searching for my saviour i came across the holy grail!! 

Eylure brow stencils!! and blow me down they have changed my life, these stencils come in a pack of 4 reusable arched styles. ranging from slim arch to full arch. It's taken me a while to perfect it but i really feel like a new person for using them and at only £4.95 a pack well a complete bargain!

I paired this with the makeup revolution duo brow definer, which come in kind of a crayon form, its double ended with one end being a brow brush and the other t…

Childs Farm review

When is comes to skin care and bath/shower for my children i always like things that keep there skin soft and defiantly does not irritate them.

When they where little all three of them suffered with dry skin, which was rather horrible at times, in the winter my daughter still get dry patches now which can cause her some irritation.

I find that cheaper products really don't do anything for there soft child skin, even some big brands don't last long keeping there skin dry free so trying different products to find the one that's just right has been a task and a half.

The lovely people over at child's farm kindly sent us some products to try. We've been using them for a few weeks now and i'm rather impressed, my daughters dry skin seems to have cleared right up.

The products: 
We have two hair and body washes, and a 3 in 1 swim, firstly the designs on there packaging is brilliant! the bright coloured bottles, the funky styled pictures. Branding is perfect very eye catc…

Freddies Flowers Review.

Flowers can mean so many things, a simple gesture but sometimes the most meaningful. 
" I love you"     "I'm Sorry"     "Thinking of you"

They have the power to brighten someones day instantly, and let that person know you are thinking of them. 

They can also just be a gift to yourself, to brighten up a room, seeing these beautiful flowers will definitely put a smile on your face.

The beautiful intense colours, perfectly picked ready to brighten up your home.    The wonderful Freddie's Flowers, put so much love and care in to hand selecting the most beautiful and unusual flowers, carefully packed and delivered straight to your door or the door of a friend, loved one.

The bouquet i was kindly gifted, is absolutely stunning. I love all of the autumnal tones, and the smell these flowers have well goodbye to air freshener! 

I always treat myself to flowers, but finding a bouquet that last as long as these have is hard, unless…

A letter to my children.

A letter to my children,

To you who showed me what love really is, who made my heart grow three times the size it was.

You've grown me into the women i am today, the love have have for the three of you is like no other. You fill my world with chaos, but i wouldn't want it any other way.

When i held you in my arms, i knew i would give my last breath for you, to promise to protect you for always. To cuddle you when your happy or sad, to play silly games with. You my darlings are my sunshine in the darkest of days, you give me a reason to wake up.

My bond with you each is different, we all love to do different things. Yet those family days we have filled with memories can not be beat. 

I'm so proud of you all, the humans you have grown in to You all have your off days but that's just life. I'm proud of me too for doing my best for you all, don't change my darlings. 

Always be proud of what you achieve, always be yourself, stand up for what you believe in. Always always …

Why i started blogging again.

I use to do beauty blogging, when the boys was small. Something i really enjoyed doing and i was lucky enough to work with so lovely cosmetic brands, to which i always gave honest reviews on the products that they sent me.

One thing always stopped me from being an amazing beauty blogger like some of the talented bloggers out there, and it was being able to actually apply make in way that stood out and showed a talent. So i gave it up, i didn't blog for ages after that family life was what i was all about.

I slipped in to being a mum and nothing else. Then with moving down to Cornwall and the kids being that much older and Mark going off to work every day, i needed something for me.

So i decided to start it all up again, but this time it incorporated my family, and our adventures. Along with things the kids enjoyed doing, so here i am. 

My blog is not huge, and not well know but its that little place i can come to share things.
To share my experiences, my fails as a parent because lets …